My work consists of painting and making installations, both free work and commissioned. Pushing boundaries is important in my work. In addition to conventional painting, I use innovative elements such as solar pendula to generate movement. My paintings have been enriched with new elements over the years and have developed from 2 to 3DI think contrast and mass are important. Each blob of paint becomes a mini object with its own lightsurface and shadow. By applying different layers of paint and material, the process is visible as traces and tracks in landscapes

A great source of inspiration for me is that man has become null and void in his own cultivated world. That is why parliaments and construction sites are recurring themes in my work, because the processes in these are constantly changing. The works “Muck” and “Street” are examples of an attempt to make different perspectives visible at a glance, “The world in a nutshell ”

In the recent commissions of both the National Military Museum Soesterberg and the Historisch Museum Frankfurt, I have brought together the past, the present and the future into a whole…


The work for the National Military Museum Soesterberg is a scale model of the role of the army in peacetime. It is a museum hall filling permanent installation with six different themes spread over 70m2 (scale 1/87). The themes are:-Veterans day at the malieveld. The Hague.

– Het Binnenhof, The Hague with its government (translated into moving miniature politicians)
-Remembrance Day on Dam Square, Amsterdam.
-A dyke breach in the village of Woltersum, where the army evacuates the population and sandbags.
– Demonstrations against nuclear weapons at Woensdrecht Air Base in the 1970s.
– Military inventions that we use in our daily lives.

These are supplemented with news and film clips. Around the work there are dummy cameras that focus on the different events shown,HISTORISCH MUSEUM FRANKFURT

The commission (Schneekugel) for the Historical Museum Frankfurt is a model of the city as “baustelle,” in addition to seven other themes about Frankfurt, created by other artists. In this permanent museuminstallation the interchangeable themes can be seen in a large plexiglass sphere, but the work can also be viewed from the square above  the snowglobe by means of a periscope. A robotic arm  underneath in the basement controls the “Schneekugel”.In this model (scale 1/200) Frankfurt is central as a construction site.
The contrast of history; destruction, demolition machines and the bombardment versus reconstruction and new construction; construction cranes is visible in a city on the move. “Life measured out in metric tons displacement for society’s need”


Branch facility series is a serie of oilfractination chandelier sculpture images.
The ironic title refers to, again the double role of humanity towards earth resources.


Recent works mainly go back to painting and are about replacing the technical aspect of everlasting vivid processes in oilpaint, by acrylic mass layers.

Resulting in a  abstract serie called gravity pull
And a throwback serie of paintings based upon 25 years ago made serie construction pits in two sizes 70x70cm and 44x44cm  and a new series of parliaments .

A serie of paintings on found footage, metal sheets and mirrors.
The mirror paintings are about the ambiguous multi interpretation of the self.
Reflections of images of yourself and how other people look at you, is the memory of a face or selfie about  beauty, truth or just being ?
The surfaces are covered with forest canopy black existential leaves, trying to show the fragillity of nature and the reflected human behind the applied 3D surface.